A General Guide To The Essentials Of Camping

When you are going camping there are a number of basic camping gear essentials that go with any camping trip. These basics show up in most camping trips if you are camping without an RV or camping outside of a sheltered area, like a cabin.

These essentials include items such as a tent, sleeping back, cooking gear, first aid kits, emergency supplies, lighting, fire making kit or heating source, knife, personal hygiene products. There are a lot of items that people view as essential which are not actually essential but make the camping experience more enjoyable.

Some of the items that can make your camping trip more enjoyable and for some people are considered essentials are things like Dutch ovens, which allow you to bake while you are camping. Other items are folding chairs, tables and cots to make sitting and sleeping around the camp easier on the body.

Some people bring things like coolers for cold foods, and ice. The essential gear for camping depends on the type of camping you are doing and how rough you want to camp. There are some people who enjoy camping with just a sleeping bag and a small tent or tarp in case it rains but for the most part they sleep lying in their sleeping bag under the stars, cooking on a fire and enjoying the simplicity of nature. Others take it up just a step and have a tent and perhaps some fancier cooking gear while others insist that everything but a kitchen sink is essential to camping.

One of the absolute essentials though is a first aid kit; no matter what type of camping you are planning on doing make sure that you have a fully stocked first aid kit. This also should include a snake bit kit; if you are planning on being anywhere in the deep woods or places where snakes are common. Another good thing to bring along is toilet paper, and a small shovel for creating a latrine some people may not find this an essential but for many it is.

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