Fitness Alternatives for Those Who Hate Exercise

Yes, that’s right. Exercise can be enjoyable! If one hates exercise, how can they make it fun, then? Well, it takes a little creativity. Here are a few suggestions for ways to workout, that will keep you entertained at the same time.

Dance Dance Revolution Or Plant A Garden/
Though you might feel a little silly doing this at first, the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution has the potential to give the player a fantastic cardio workout. The game itself is fairly simple―you step on the arrows as the corresponding arrows on the screen match up. It takes a great deal of practice to become good enough at it, so you’re drenched in sweat after every game. But it gives you something to work for. That’s the beauty of it―it’s a game, and that factor keeps you going even when you get tired.

Eye toy: Kinetic
Yet again, the PlayStation is the way to go to make exercise entertaining. Utilizing the Eye toy camera, Kinetic reflects your image back at you on the screen as you perform various activities in this virtual workout world. You kick, punch, and jump your way to fitness, in a way that’s challenging and fun.

Mini Stair Stepper
The beauty behind this invention is that it’s compact, portable, and can be done just about anywhere. You can use this miniature stair stepper while you work, study, or watch TV. You could even put it in front of your PlayStation and play what would normally be a sedentary game as you step. Can it get much better?

iPods and TVs
Do you get easily bored on the treadmill? There’s an easy solution, then―television. Either load television shows onto your video iPod or set your treadmill in front of a TV. It’ll keep you occupied while you workout, so you don’t realize how much time as passed. Personally, I used to speed walk on the treadmill while watching reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The hour-long episodes kept my mind-off, of how tired I was or how boring and repetitive working out can be.

Workout Buddies
Having a friend to workout with can be the best thing for your motivation. Not only is it a great time to socialize, but the fact that you’ve made a commitment to another person that you will workout at this time on these days will motivate you further. You can’t just sleep in when you know you’ve got a friend waiting for you at the gym.

Furry Friends
Walking the dog can not only be an enjoyable pet-and-pet-owner bonding activity, but it’s also a way in which you can motivate yourself to exercise because that dog needs to be walked daily. There’s no avoiding it. This way, both you and your furry friend get a workout, and both of you will feel better about it. Plus, it’s much like the concept of a workout buddy, in the fact that you have someone to socialize with. Sure, they may not talk back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them!

If you don’t see anything here that works for you, get creative. Be imaginative. If you’ve got the will to get in shape and improve your health, you’ll certainly find the way that’s right for you.