Fitness Trainer Salary

For the past few decades, there has been an immense growth in the fitness and health care industry. With the increase in the number of gyms and health care centers, the career opportunities in this field have risen drastically. Not surprising that every celebrity, aspiring model, actor, corporate bigwig, and many professionals hire personal fitness trainers to get trained in various types of workouts, and improve their physical appearance. Since fitness training has assumed the form of a new industry, the employment opportunities and career development path in this field are bright. Since fitness training covers a wide range of activities and depends on the type of training you are providing (personal, group, gym, corporate clients etc.), the salary range varies drastically.

Salary Range
The domain and range of the career specifics that fitness trainers perform are uncountable. They can work in aerobic exercises, kickboxing, weight training, personal fitness programs, group fitness programs, corporate clients, alternative exercises, weight loss regimes, abs workout, and so on. The list of specializations is exhaustive, and so, they have numerous options to choose from. For each of the exercises, the payment rates and charges vary. The difficulty level of teaching, supervision needs, equipment charges, teaching time, and personal training forms an important part of the earnings.

The earning potential is also highly influenced by certification programs. Graduating from reputed programs of some important governing organizations increases the chances of better employment, and consequently higher salary range. American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) are the four main organizing bodies that conduct certification programs for fitness trainers. The salary also depends on the revenue generation of the gym or training institute. For instance, the gym may have made rules and policies that if a client pays USD 50 for each fitness training program, then, as a part of the salary, you may receive nearly 50% of that amount. Depending on the marketing and success of your gym, your earnings can increase considerably. The salary is generally given in terms of the number of hours the trainer works. Since different clients and individuals have flexible timings, payment on the basis of per hour is more apt. The salary usually ranges between USD 40,000 to 50,000, annually.

Working as a fitness trainer presents you with a host of opportunities to make a good client base and then earn a good salary. The better your skills and professional experiences are, the more will be your chances of being hired by some individual clients who will pay you well. Although expecting a six-figure salary in the initial years is unrealistic, after years of work experience and hard work, you can scale the ladder of success. Due to growing awareness of fitness programs among people, interest in personal training has increased. With corporate firms realizing the value of employee health, the requirement of fitness trainers and health care professionals is on the rise.

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