How to Get Skinny Fast

There are many diets and exercise regimes that can make you slim and bony very fast. But the consequences in the long run can be dreadful. Therefore, you should adopt those methods of quick weight loss that fit comfortably in your lifestyle. The weight loss plan should be such that you never feel bored or get tired, and instead, always feel motivated to follow it your entire life. Here are some steps that you can follow to get skinny fast, and to adopt a lifestyle that benefits your health in the long run.

How to Get Skinny Fast at Home

➺ Wake up early in the morning, and go for a jog. Running and jogging for an hour burns approximately 330 calories. You can try to run at least for half an hour. It will be difficult in the beginning, but you should be able to cope up with time.

➺ Perform cardiovascular exercises such as aerobic exercises, swimming, cycling, skipping, etc. as a part of your daily routine. Perform them at least for 20 minutes to lose weight fast.

➺ Make sure that you have your breakfast everyday. It is very necessary to increase the rate of metabolism. Eat more proteins than carbohydrates. Proteins require more calories for digestion, and also keep your stomach full for longer periods of time. You may have oatmeal cereal, fruits, nuts, milk, or some fat-free yogurt sprinkled with flaxseed/chia seeds, etc. Consume fat-free or low-fat versions of foods.

➺ Avoid anything that is fried or oily. Stop consuming any processed food. Highly processed snacks and cold drinks should be stopped. This is one of the best ways to get skinny fast. Stop eating at least one of your favorite foods, for example, French fries. You may enjoy fruits, salads, vegetable/fruit juices (sugar-free), beans, sprouts, nuts, yogurt, baked potato with skin, etc., as snacks.

➺ Cutting out all simple carb products, especially white flour products such as cakes, breads, sandwich rolls, cookies, and pastries, along with white rice, spaghetti, pasta, etc., can help prevent weight gain. Incorporate complex carb products like whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, etc., in your diet.

➺ Eat at least three hours before going to sleep. Avoid late-night dinners. Avoid desserts and heavy dinners. Sticking to set mealtimes is vital when it comes to losing weight fast.

➺ Drink plenty of water, approximately 10 glasses in a day. Stop coffee, tea, and even fruit juices as the added sugar in them will only increase your calorie intake. Therefore, drink only water for quenching your thirst.

➺ Do everything possible to boost the metabolic rate of your body. Cut short the amount of food you eat, but increase the number of times you eat. Go for walks for about 10 minutes, every 2 hours.

➺ Increase your intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables. They are rich in fiber content, and fiber keeps you full for longer periods of time, and thus helps you in eating less. They also boost your digestion.

➺ Spin clockwise till you feel dizzy. Spinning brings back the balance in the level of hormones. It will help you mainly if hormonal imbalance is the reason behind your obesity.

➺ Reduce the amount of salt that you usually eat. It helps as sodium present in the salt binds the water molecules with it in the body. It is this unusual water retention, that makes you look bulky and heavy. This condition is known as bloating.

➺ Start eating in dark blue plates. It is said that the color ‘blue’ gives you a quicker feeling of contentment and satisfaction. You will feel satisfied, and will avoid overeating.

➺ Eat only when you actually feel the need to eat. You may be overweight because your body stores some extra calories, which are probably not required at present.

➺ Eat slowly, by chewing and enjoying every bite. This will also work by making you feel contented fast, and preventing you from eating more than required.

➺ Walk, walk, walk! Try to walk as much as you can. Walking for half an hour helps you burn approximately 96 calories. With the help of walking, you can get skinny really fast. Moreover, you can take stairs instead of using an elevator. You should not use your vehicle for short distances.

➺ Weight loss is directly proportional to physical activity. The more you physically tire your body, the more you lose weight. Think of some new ways to lose weight. You can start learning a new form of dance, swimming, and various other activities of this sort. You can wash your car, clean the yard, walk your dog, play with children, and participate in sports.

➺ Go trekking, rock climbing, and similar activities every weekend. These activities will make you work strenuously. The result will be nothing less than rapid weight loss.

By reading up on this subject, you might have understood by now that the best two ways to get skinny fast are following a balanced diet and keeping the body physically active. When it comes to losing weight fast, your goals should always be realistic. The ease or difficulty with which you can shed those extra pounds will depend on your body type, diet, will power, and your workout consistency.

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