Workout Schedule for Women

Women suffer from bigger and more problems of obesity than men. Hence, they need to be more careful about their food habits and exercise regimes. Women, especially, have a tendency of putting on weight on their hips and thighs. Post-pregnancy fat especially becomes difficult to lose, with the arrival of the new member in the family. Amongst problems suffered by women related to weight gain, social stigma, and embarrassment are the dominant ones. Thus, a very simple workout schedule has been chalked out to suit their convenience.

A hectic working hours doesn’t leave much time for following any exercise routine, let alone following it religiously. The following schedule has been designed for women who are engaged in busy lifestyles and odd working hours. A careful read, will tell you that a little movement of limbs and small endeavors go a long way in losing the unwanted weight.

Shake the Belly
The first challenge for women is working out their abs. Abdomen is the vulnerable target of unwanted weight. Crunches, sit ups, and abs exercise will make your abs sexy. Begin with 25 crunches everyday, and you can go on adding 5 per day. Abs exercise the internal organs too and keep you in good health. Abs exercise focus on upper abs and lower abs. For upper abs, lie down on your back and with your hands on the neck and crunch looking upwards. For lower abs, lie on the back, lift your legs at 90 degrees to the body and life your waist, supporting it with your hands.

Hate the Love Handles
In the next segment, let’s learn how to get rid of love handles. Begin with standing and lifting weights or dumbbells. Now tilt your body to the right, keeping your lower abs portion tight. Do the same as you tilt on the left. This ‘love for food’ is the best when not accepted!

Long Legs
Skirts are supremely feminine and add to the ‘oomph’ factor. But bulky legs spoil the show. Thighs look good when the muscles are firmly built. A leg workout will help you tone up your muscles. Warm up is essential, before you begin to do any leg exercise. Once you are done with your warm up, begin with squats, Breathe out as you rise and keep your back straight. This will tighten your abs too. Do at least 20 squats a day. As your body gets used to it, you can add 5 more each day.

Sexy Back
A firm back looks gorgeous for a backless dress. It allows you to experiment with your clothing style. Rowing is a fun activity and can be performed at home to, by doing a repetition of rowing action for about 20 times. All you need to do is just perform the rowing action.

This entire exercise will take about half an hour which is easy to spare. Or else you can break up the exercise in, so you can take a 10 minute break three times a day. This can work as a refreshing break too.

Workout schedule for women also means knowing what you eat. Make a change in your diet as a part of the workout. Avoid soda, eating in between meals, refrain from alcohol, fried stuff, and especially dairy fats. Make a perfect combination of the workout and diet for those voluptuous curves, that even super models would die for!